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Holy Rosary - St. Richard Catholic School employs or contracts teachers who hold baccalaureate or higher degrees and who are professionally certified or in the certification process.


  Name Title Contact
Floredenis Brown Brown, Floredenis Principal

Office Staff

  Name Title Contact
Katherine Fernandez Fernandez, Katherine Accountant 3052355442
Michelle Frederick Frederick, Michelle Administrative Assistant 3052355442
Patricia Gyatt Gyatt, Patricia School Counselor
Maritza Morales Morales, Maritza Aftercare
Rachel Sanchez Sanchez, Rachel Admin Assistant/Registrar 3052355442

Pre-K Teachers / Staff

  Name Title Contact
Fara Alfonzo Alfonzo, Fara PK4 Teacher
Maggie Cunill Cunill, Maggie Pre-K 4 Teacher
Jessica Darias Darias, Jessica Pre-K 2 Teacher
Marie De Phillips De Phillips, Marie Pre-K 3 Assistant
Alicia Padron Padron, Alicia Pre-K 4 Assistant
Alidi Rivera Rivera, Alidi Pre-K 4 Teacher
Marcela Roman Roman, Marcela Pre-K 3 Teacher

Elementary Teachers / Staff

  Name Title Contact
Anielka Baez Baez, Anielka Kindergarten & 1st Grade Teacher
Dina Batres Batres, Dina 3rd Grade Teacher
Brittany Bruce Bruce, Brittany Kindergarten & 1st Grade Assistant
Veronica Cary Cary, Veronica 4th & 5th Grade Teacher
Jessica Colon Colon, Jessica Teacher 305-235-5442
Bryan Darias Darias, Bryan 4th and 5th Grade Teacher
Julieta Echeverri Echeverri, Julieta 2nd Grade Assistant
Madison Estape Estape, Madison 3rd Grade Teacher
Olivia Griffith Griffith, Olivia 2nd Grade Teacher
Wendy Love Love, Wendy Teacher 305-235-5442
Victoria Mena Mena, Victoria PK4 Assistant
Lori Pagan Pagan, Lori 1st Grade Teacher
Stephanie Sastre Sastre, Stephanie 4th & 5th Grade Teacher
Sara Sinclair Sinclair, Sara 1st Grade Teacher

Middle School Teachers / Staff

  Name Title Contact
Joan Cesarano Cesarano, Joan Middle School Teacher
Gabriel Fernandez Fernandez, Gabriel 7-8 Grade Language Arts Teacher 3052355442
Ena Garcia Garcia, Ena 7th Grade Teacher
Ianne Lopez Lopez, Ianne Middle School Teacher
Victoria Martinez Martinez, Victoria 7th Grade Assistant
Sylvia Mathis Mathis, Sylvia Middle School Assistant
Daniel Robinson Robinson, Daniel Middle School Assistant / STREAM
Reina Ruiz Ruiz, Reina Middle School Teacher
Ashley Wright Wright, Ashley Middle School Math and Science

Special Area Teachers

  Name Title Contact
Daniel Chacon Chacon, Daniel Physical Education Teacher
Patricia Greene Greene, Patricia Art Teacher
Sophia Reyes Reyes, Sophia Music / Drama Teacher
Miurka Rodriguez Rodriguez, Miurka Spanish Teacher